Our technical and professional competences allow us to guarantee to the customers, public or private, prestigious results and the respect of the time of realization of the work.

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The BI. You. S. R. L offers, alongside the plant engineering activities, a service dedicated to construction, characterized by an excellent value for money.

The construction works of the BI. You. SRL have as a common denominator a high qualitative standard in the phase of realization of the works, a deep knowledge of the technological aspects and time of response and immediate intervention.

Restructuring and Requalification

Bi. Ti. Works in the plant and construction sector offering a service ” Keys in hand” concerning the realization of Complete Restructuring , Fit-Out with the supply of new fittings, Restyling for a revision of an existing brand or Rebranding, where the brand is put back into the market under another name or a different identity by developing all the required and necessary changes.

Activities concerning the partial restructuring of a residential, commercial, banking or financial site, which includes the removal of part of electrical installations and where required of air conditioning systems, the modification of them according to the project provided, The partial reconstruction of flooring, suspended ceilings, preparation of new workstations, modification of safety systems, assistance and refurbishment of furnishings with new painting of the areas concerned.

Activity concerning the modification of the existing layouts of a residential, commercial, banking or financial site, which includes the reclamation of the old furnishings, partial removal of the electrical, special and CDZ installations and the modification of them according to the projects Provided. Replacement of flooring in porcelain stoneware or marble, replacement of carpeting or parquet, change of layout with application of plasterboard walls, stained glass or masonry, openings of rooms, realization of fixed or movable false ceilings, painting and Re-installation with new furnishings and assistance to specialized companies for special plants and possible strong means.

Activity that involves a revisitation or a total change of the existing BRAND, which includes the reclamation of old furnishings, old signs, light boxes, advertising window stickers and everything that can be traced back to the old BRAND. Realization of plant and structural modifications for new layouts based on the technical specifications and operational guidelines provided, construction and / or modification of the fixtures, preparation of environments in relation to requests (replacement of floors, walls, false ceilings, painting, etc. where necessary), assistance in the installation of new equipment, signs, window stickers and how indispensable it is to the new image.

Activity concerning a complete “turnkey” restructuring. The specific activity includes the total reclamation of all existing plants that do not meet the requirements for the new branch, based on the layouts provided for planning for the construction of electrical, special, air conditioning and primary air systems.

Realization of what was designed and endorsed by the client, that is, new environments after building works, laying of normal or raised floors, normal or armored partitions, false ceilings in different types, painting and wallpaper based on requests.

Assistance to external suppliers for the installation of strong vehicles or special intrusion detection systems and to internal personnel for the works carried out.