Bi. Ti is a company specializing in projects and services for companies in the field of installation of electrical and complementary systems and construction. The company’s interest focuses mainly on the execution of works and the maintenance of the structures for some of the most famous brands and companies of the national and international panorama.

The territorial coverage of the entire peninsula is ensured by the 2 operational centres of Rome and Milan thanks to the respective technical, operative, means and machinery staff.

A qualified and efficient internal Project Management area is able to provide all the necessary technical support and to provide for the design and execution of the works.

The multi-year experience gained, in particular in the field of advanced services, in the banking-financial-insurance sector and in the public administration, allowed Bi. Ti to increase its operation, allowing it to intervene in Total security also for open activities, at night and on holiday, in order to satisfy all operational and commercial needs of the customer and to guarantee the agreed delivery terms.

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From 1995

Bi. Ti S.R.L. Born over 20 years ago, on October 9 1995 give its 2 founding members, Stefano and Massimiliano, who after a spent as employees, aware of their skills and competences matured in the field of electrical engineering and maintenance, decide to put themselves on their own, animated by the desire to Create a solid structure and aim to research and develop new forms of business.

The main reason has far more profound roots: behind the entrepreneurial choice, there was a desire to undertake a working path to share together a project of professional growth, animated by a strong sense of belonging and passion and based on A relationship of brotherly friendship.

In 2000 the Bi. Ti. It broadens its horizons and decides to open its branch in Legnano, an operative centre able to offer services to a new wide range of customers, positioning itself in the frenetic and dynamic market of northern Italy characterised by an imposing economic growth and From the development of infrastructures, of which Milan was the Neuralgic center.

From 2012 About, the company then decided to diversify its offer of services, specializing in the implementation and maintenance of mechanical and conditioning systems and in the construction of imposing construction works and masonry, in order to respond with Timeliness and efficiency to the most variegated needs and needs of its customers.

Today Bi. Ti. It constantly implements its know-how, innovating and developing avant-garde solutions in the core business of electrical and special plants and accruing additional competences in the other sectors of its competence.



On the purely strategic level Bi. Ti is strongly oriented to the excellence of the service offered and for this reason has always invested in the research of technological innovativity, specialization, growth of professional competence, optimization of the cycles of Work and financial management, in order to offer a service of the highest added value necessary to acquire, consolidate and support the companies-customers.

Although the firm proves to be a solid P.M. I, characterised by excellent economic and patrimonial parameters, corporate governance aims in the future to improve its competitive positioning within the market and to a policy of diversification of Service, keeping still unchanged his modus operandi, which has allowed, since the dawn, to become a strong and great economic reality on the national territory.


Non-stop innovation and technological development are the modern basis of competition Being competitive means adapting its operative infrastructures to the new market levers: rapidity, efficiency and technological and functional innovativity are variables that determine the distinctive advantage.
Bi.Ti. It responds to these new needs by accompanying the companies in all the planning and realization phases aimed at the implementation of new solutions with high added value, strengthened by a constant updating and by solid synergies and partnerships Commercial.

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How We work

Bi. TI. offers a complete range of services, in order to evaluate together with the client, the best operative strategy, in three macro-phases



PRE-Realization phase by defining together with the customer and our professionals project times and objectives, we evaluate the project budget and develop the work programme, identifying the critical path and the milestones



According to the specific needs of the project, it organizes its management and the documentation of control, it studies the logistics of construction site and the plan of coordination of all the activities involved.



During the realization phase, the Project Managers guarantee the coordination of the shipyard and the management of the qualified suppliers and skilled workers, guaranteeing the respect of times, costs and quality, with the objective of a final result always in line with the Expectations of the customer.

Organization chart


At the apex of the Bi. Ti. SRL is the managing director as well as legal and technical manager of the works, in the figure of Stefano Bianchi


The administrative department is part of the general manager, the administrative manager in charge of quality assurance and the staff that deals with accounting, billing and transactions and inbound and outbound transaction.


In the operative section there are the figures of the Project managers, the job managers and the purchasing department, which allow the management and quantifying of the yard, always flanked by the support of an efficient operative Secretariat.


The skilled workers, with a baggage of certificates and attestations of training, allow to carry out the deliveries of the shipyards, with efficiency, in safety and in the terms agreed with the customer