Customer support in the planning and implementation phase of an investment in electrical plant engineering, assistance with laws, regulations, rules for good installation and return on investment.

The installation of electrical and special systems has always been our core business, over time we have acquired a considerable amount of experience in the industrial field.

The activity is supported by the use of avant-garde equipment, the use of a workforce among the most qualified both in the design and operational field and from the use and the installation of products of the most established and well-known brands of the market

Special plants

  • Design and implementation of video surveillance systems
  • Design and realization of smoke detection systems
  • Design and construction of power-off systems
  • Design and construction of burglar alarm systems;
  • Design and construction of structured wiring;
  • Design, consultancy and implementation of local and geographic networks;
  • Design and implementation of data center
  • Making geographic connections via Wireless or Laser technology


  • Planning, realization and maintenance of civil and industrial plants
  • Design, realization and maintenance of lighting systems
  • Design, construction and maintenance of MT/BT Cabins
  • Maintenance networks distribution of electricity and emergency groups
  • Planning and realization of home automation plants
  • Implementation of co-generation and Tri-generation systems and eco-sustainable energy generation systems

For information on works and projects visit the page dedicated to our achievements.